Shahzad Ahmad is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in finance, operations, and consultancy. Holding an MBA from Lahore, Pakistan, and a Corporate Finance course from LUMS, he is eager to apply his skills and gain new ones in a dynamic organization. Currently involved in the Indenting Business with A.H. International, a progressive company operating in multiple countries, Shahzad has contributed significantly to various organizations over his 20-year career.

At A.H. Business & Financial Consultants, he serves as a Project Consultant, handling indenting business and B2B operations, while also assisting clients with financial and business planning. He also offers business process outsourcing, audit services, and import/export advisory as a consultant at SKP Consultant, Chartered Accountants. In previous roles, he has excelled in sales and administrative policy management, developed inventory control systems, and served as a Director of Finance & Operations.

Shahzad Ahmad is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in finance, operations, and consultancy. He holds an MBA from Lahore, Pakistan, and has completed a course in Corporate Finance from LUMS, Lahore. Shahzad is driven by his goal-oriented mindset and seeks opportunities to apply his skills and acquire new ones in a dynamic organization that values growth and development.

In addition to his extensive experience, Shahzad is actively involved in the Indenting Business as part of A.H. International. A.H. International is a professional and progressive company that has been operating for the past 13 years in Pakistan, China, Korea, Dubai, and Oman. Specializing in a wide range of products, including Chemical, TDI, PPG, POP, Kraft Paper, PU Foam Trim (Scrap), Machinery, Polyester, Resins, Pigments (Colors), MCL, MDI, LDPE, Hot/Cold Rolling, Steel Plate/Steel (Zinc) galvanized Coil/strip, stainless steel strip, Drones, and all sorts of Thread for the textile and bedding industry, A.H. International has established strong partnerships with major suppliers from Korea, China, Oman, and Dubai. They excel in exporting high-quality products worldwide, utilizing their two offices in China. Additionally, they are experts in dropshipping and Amazon services.

Shahzad’s involvement in the indenting business reflects his versatility and ability to adapt to diverse industries. With over two decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to various companies. As a Project Consultant at A.H Business & Financial Consultants, Shahzad has been involved in indenting business, B2B operations, business restructuring, and facilitating buying and selling processes. He has assisted clients in formulating financial and business plans and securing loans from financial institutions.

During his tenure at SKP Consultant, Chartered Accountants, Shahzad provided a range of services to corporate clients, including business process outsourcing, audit services, computerized accounting, human resource services, and import/export advisory. He played a crucial role in developing strong client relationships and ensuring their financial needs were met.

As the Operations Manager at Shama International UK Limited, Shahzad showcased his leadership skills by formulating sales and administrative policies, overseeing customer relationship management, and developing efficient inventory control management systems.

In his role as Director of Finance & Operations at BALCOM Private Limited, Shahzad actively contributed to the company’s growth and success. He was responsible for budgeting, financial audits, liaison with banks and telecom operators, and relationship management with service providers and regulators. Shahzad effectively prepared financial records, managed corporate matters, and represented the company in national and international conferences and seminars.

Furthermore, Shahzad’s experience as a Country Manager of Finance at GLOBAL TELECOM (Pvt) Ltd demonstrated his expertise in budgeting, financial audits, and fostering relationships with banks, corporate clients, and telecom operators. He played a vital role in preparing financial records and facilitating effective management information systems. Earlier in his career, Shahzad served as a Marketing & Sales Manager at VICKY QUILT, where he implemented successful sales policies, managed a nationwide sales team, and introduced new products and brands.

Apart from his professional achievements, Shahzad actively participates in organizations such as the Transformers Learning Club and the Marketing Association of Pakistan. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and playing cricket and table tennis.

With his strong foundation in finance, operations, and consultancy, coupled with a passion for learning and growth, Shahzad Ahmad is a valuable asset to any organization seeking a dedicated and accomplished professional.